また、今後、ハイドロブラストでは、1960年代にフランスで発展した La médiation culturelle(文化的メディエーション)を日本に適した形で開発していきたいと考えています。 La médiation culturelleとは、多くの人々が文化的作品や制作物にアクセスできるようにするという概念を中心に、その後、参加者を増やし、市民の表現を大切にすることに焦点を当てた介入へと発展したものです。

I’m Kyoko Takenaka, in charge of the Education Department at Hydroblast.
In 2021, after 3 months of studying and teaching theater in 3 institutions, I wrote an essay about "Bringing up Communication Skills to Support Creativity" and obtained the State Diploma in Theater Teaching in France. Since then, alongside my acting career, I’ve been holding several workshops about “theater without acting instructions”.
After three years at the French National School of Drama, the only thing I retained when graduating was "good acting is variable”. For instance, one can be "a good actor" to one director, but that’s nearly impossible to be “a good actor” to all directors. This is because of how diverse the forms of expression in performance arts can be..
However, it is possible to think about "the process of creating good performances" in workshops.
In such a process, I believe that “proposition” and “consultation” are essential.
I am developing workshops aimed at acquiring these "communication skills" that are necessary for creation, like it would be to learn a foreign language. I believe that "communication skills" that encourage "propositions" rather than "opinions", "requests" rather than "instructions" and "attention" rather than obedience can benefit whoever is involved in a creation, regardless of one's position, whether it's a director, an actor or a technical staff. Therefore, I would like to work with people in various fields to think about education based on these "communication skills" as the foundations of creating "good performances".

Also, Hydroblast is planning to develop its take on "La médiation culturelle" (cultural mediation), which was developed in France in the 60's. "La médiation culturelle" is a concept of making cultural works and productions accessible to a large number of people. It then focused on increasing participation and valuing personal expression towards cultural works.
Until now, as an actor, I played the role of a bridge connecting the work to the audience. From now on, I will go beyond the audience from a different angle by exploring various ways of building such bridges to connect the audience to the work on a much deeper level.